Google Chrome Extension

Google Chrome Extension DirectPhone is a small application built into the Google Chrome browser and is an integral part of it. The main advantage of using the Google Chrome browser extension is its independence from the user's end device. That is, by installing the DirectPhone extension on your home computer, you can easily continue using it on your laptop or at work. It is very comfortable!

How to find our extension

You can find our official DirectPhone extension for Google Chrome in the Google Web Store. To do this, you need to specify DirectPhone in the search bar on the page for selecting extensions and press the Enter button.

The first extension in the search bar will be the one you want.

Or install the DirectPhone extension from a direct link.

Preparation for work

After you find the Google Chrome Extension DirectPhone, you need to install it. To do this, you can click on the Install button in the detailed view of the extension.

After that, the DirectPhone extension will be displayed in the Google Chrome extension bar.

Open the extension and enter your personal token.

You can get a token in your DirectPhone account, in Settings - Account..

Making calls

After a successful authorization procedure in the DirectPhone extension, you can make calls according to the Click2Call principle (the peculiarity of this functionality is that you initiate an incoming call, both for you and your subscriber). To make a call, you need to select an outgoing number from the drop-down list, indicate the number you want to call, format 14031234567, and click the Call button.

In case of a successful call, you will see a corresponding message from the extension.

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Happy use!