What is DirectPhone?


We developed this service to allow our users save money on calls to their loved ones in other cities and countries.

We do not just reduce the price of Long-distance. We have changed the approach to long-distance! Now the call price does not depend on distance and the number of minutes.

DirectPhone allows you to talk without restrictions for a small fixed monthly fee. For example, a month of calls to the U.S. or Canada will cost 5 USD. Also you can choose per-minute tariff for rarely used destination numbers.

You can make calls via DirectPhone through telephone platform with authorization via ANI, using access numbers. You dial one of ANI and follow the instructions you get from the voice informer. For your convenience the system allows created routes, indicated destination numbers previously. You can register one or more numbers. In this way, you habitually dial ten-digit number on your mobile or home phone, without dialing platform number.

Payment can be per-minute as well as monthly-fixed for each number you are calling. Monthly fee depends on the amount of registrated numbers and destination. The service works on a prepaid system. You transfer the funds on your personal account and necessary for the month fee write off one-time with registration each new number which you will call and when you making calls using per-minute tariff.

In the Statistics of personal account, you will be able to see all the data on your phone calls through the system DirectPhone: amount, duration and time of each call.

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