Referral program

DirectPhone announces the opening of the Referral Program - Free of charge calls.

The referral program will provide users with the opportunity to more effectively manage their costs for international communications and provide a facility for the organization of free of charge of the long distance phone calls.

The referral program is aimed at users who are constantly in need of low-cost, high-quality international telephone services, and they have the opportunity to use these services for free!

The referral program operates as follows, the user (the owner of the account in DirectPhone) sends an invitation-link, to his friends, relatives, and also to social networks. Anyone who receives such an invitation-link (referral) and registers with DirectPhone via this link, received a bonus of 1 USD. The same bonus (1 USD) was received by the user who sent the invitation.

If the user invites 5 referrals, then his reward will increase to 1.5 USD, for 10 referrals it will be 2 USD and will increase to 10 USD for 100 referrals.

In addition, from all subsequent referral payments, the user will receive 10% of the amount of his payment and so on throughout the time the service is used.

As an example, you can see that if the user tentatively plans to spend 10 USD per month, then he will have enough to invite 10 referrals who will spend the same amount on the service and then the service becomes completely free of charge for the user.

In order to use the Referral Program, you need to register on the link below.