Manual creation of Route

In order to simplify the procedure for making calls and eliminate the need for an additional set of destination numbers, the DirectPhone assumes the preliminary creation of the Routes. With their help, calls become cheaper, the speed of dialing increases, and the quality of communication is greatly increased. Making of the Routers in manual mode, i.e. manual creation of Route involves dialing to the end user using an intermediate local number manually selected. First, the subscriber calls the local number, after which the DirectPhone automatically redirects the call to the end user.

With the function of Manual creation of Route, you can set the rules for directing calls, ie. Select a country, city, region and local phone number. The connection of the service in the DirectPhone is paid, the price is about 1 USD, which will be debited from the personal account after connection. As for tariffs, they are quite profitable, payment for calls can be per minute, or a certain amount will be withdrawn at the end of the month.

How to configure Manual creation of Route

You can connect the function of Manual creation of Route directly on our service by performing a number of simple actions. But first you need to register with DirectPhone and after that:

  • Select the required outgoing number (ANI) from the drop-down list.
  • Find the country and city from which local calls will be made (for example, New York, US).
  • Select the access number to which local calls will be made.
  • Specify the destination number (the number of the final subscriber).
  • Select the type of charging.
  • Thanks to the service, Manual creation of Route will become extremely cheap. The use of the Routers in several times will reduce your costs for conversations with subscribers from different countries.

Features of Manual creation of Route

Manual creation of Route from DirectPhone is a reliable tool for increasing the effectiveness of telephone communication. In addition, it is very convenient, functional and affordable. For incoming calls, the Routes is not provided, they are designed exclusively for outgoing calls. For the final subscriber, the incoming call will be free, and for the caller - will be charged based on the selected tariff.

DirectPhone allows you to quickly edit, add and delete the Routes in manual mode. To do this, go to the Service section on the Routes tab, then select the one that interests you and perform the required action, i.e. Delete or Edit.

The service of the Manual creation of Route, which the DirectPhone service provides for a moderate cost, will allow making a much cheaper number of calls in different directions. The period of using the Routes is not limited, you can turn it off if necessary. You can use the service on any devices supported by the DirectPhone.

Advantages of the manual Routes from DirectPhone

The service of the Manual creation of Route is one of the main functions available in DirectPhone, which allows you to communicate cheaply over a telephone connection. It's main advantages are:

  • Saving money for calls to different destinations;
  • Ease and efficiency of the Routes settings;
  • The minimum cost of connection, creation of the manual Routes in DirectPhone will cost about $ 1;
  • A large selection of countries and cities.

This is not a complete list of advantages that Manual creation of Route in DirectPhone possesses. In full, you will feel them when you use this service.

Connect the Manual creation of Route at the lowest price in DirectPhone and enjoy the benefits of an innovative type of telephony! Don't neglect a profitable offer, because it is an opportunity to communicate cheaply with subscribers from all over the world.

In order to use the service of creating the Routes manually, you need to register on the link below.