SIP account (Free)

DirectPhone offers an advantageous solution for calls to friends, family, colleagues or business partners. Your SIP phone number will always be with you, even if you are on a trip, abroad or just out of the office. To use the service, you need equipment that easily connects to the network and the account in the DirectPhone system. A Free SIP number will always be active if there is an Internet connection. In your access: an unlimited number of lines, excellent sound transmission quality, 100% reliability of telephone communication.

Benefits of connecting

  1. You can create SIP accounts for Free, registration in the system takes only a few minutes.
  2. Calls to SIP numbers from Russia, created in DirectPhone, are absolutely Free, and the cost of calls to fixed-line and mobile numbers is calculated accordingly with a per-minute tariff.
  3. The ability to create a local database of SIP accounts for free calls between them.
  4. Self-service deactivation.
  5. The ability to connect an unlimited number of SIP accounts to one profile.
  6. Accept calls to SIP numbers with and without substitution.

Connected to the DirectPhone, for example, the Moscow SIP number remains unchanged to receive calls and make calls, regardless of whether you are at home or at work. This privilege is very significant for those who often travel to other cities and countries. Devices that can be connected to a direct SIP number must have an Internet connection and a SIP client installed. Typically, inexpensive voice communication is available on a laptop, Mac, PC, tablet, smartphone and other equipment with different operating systems.

Principle of SIP numbers

DirectPhone is a new generation telephone connection that will allow you to receive and make cheap calls over the Internet from any country to the USA and Europian countries. Innovative communication will provide you with absolute mobility and accessibility for customers and business partners. Using the provided mobile SIP number without a monthly fee, you can significantly reduce the cost of local, long-distance and international telephony services. You just need to order the service right now, if, for example, the central office of your company is located in New York, and the branches in San Francisco or Boston. Having received a SIP number in the DirectPhone, you will be able to make calls to out-of-town branches at the rate of city communication. Accordingly, the cost of calls will be minimal.

In addition, direct SIP number will save you from having to create additional internal numbers. In this case, the problem will be solved by multi-channel.

In the service of DirectPhone, you can obtain a SIP phone number very quickly. After a series of simple actions in the personal account of the system, you will be given the privilege - to make cheap calls and make international and long distance calls.

Create a SIP account for Free right now in the DirectPhone and enjoy unlimited possibilities of innovative telephony!

In order to use the service SIP accounts (Free), you need to register on the link below.