Google Voice Service

Google Voice Service is currently unavailable.

Google Voice (GV) is one of the free services from Google that performs Voice over IP (VoIP) voice messaging and provides the ability to put together all of the user's phone numbers.

Connecting the GV-account to the DirectPhone system

To add a new Google Voice account to the DirectPhone system, you must first create a GV-account and connect it to Google Voice number. Next, you should fill out the form with information on the page with GV-accounts, this will be data of the following type:

  • Login
  • Password
  • GV-number
  • SIP-account, through which you can receive incoming calls from Google Voice account via Google Voice number
  • Enable/Disable outgoing calls through your own GV-account
  • Make a comment

Note! Google Voice service has some limitations on the number of outgoing calls in a short time.

Therefore, the function of repeating calls through the Google Voice service should be avoided. After all the data for Google Voice registration in the DirectPhone system has been entered, you need to check their correctness and click the "Save" button. You can edit the data at any time. To do this, you also need to go to the GV-accounts page, click the "Edit" button and make changes. To confirm the changes, click the "Save" button.

Delete the GV-account is also very simple. You must click on the appropriate icon and confirm the deletion.

Google Voice service is primarily an opportunity to make cheap calls and send text messages to the USA and Canada at low rates.

Features and benefits of the service

If you successfully registered in Google Voice and connected your account to the DirectPhone system, then you will be given the opportunity to make and receive calls as cheaply as possible, and also to enjoy other advantages of the system. Tariffication of the calls via Google Voice service per minute, for example, a call from the US to Russia for a mobile number will be approximate $0.12 and calls to landline numbers in Russia, in particular to Moscow, will cost about $0.02.

More in detail with the prices for calls from other countries you can find on the site with Google Voice services.

If you compare the Google Voice service and the Skype program for online calls, the differences will be significant. Google Voice is more profitable and convenient, you can buy a cheap Google Voice number and enjoy all the benefits of innovative telephony, for example:

  • Free SMS in the USA;
  • Call forwarding services;
  • Answer to a call on one of several of your personal phones;
  • Automatic blocking of numbers.

Using the capabilities of Google Voice, you can do without office phones and PBX. The process of communication with subscribers from different countries will be pleasant and most importantly inexpensive.

Google Voice services are by far the best alternative to many computer programs for VoIP. Service is already quite firmly entrenched on the Internet and every day acquires more and more customers. And you can also use Google Voice services in the DirectPhone system and enjoy convenient inexpensive telephony.

In order to use the Google Voice service, you need to register via the link below.