VoiceBot DirectPhone

DirectPhone goes to a new level of quality and presents its new development - voice Bot. Now, to call your relatives and friends, you don’t even need to take the phone in your hands - just say it!

Simplicity and quality

The 21st century never ceases to amaze humanity with new technologies. Smartphones, smart speakers and smart homes - all this becomes familiar to everyday life. DirectPhone tries to keep up with current trends and implements its solutions using the latest technologies.

The first such solutions were Facebook Messenger Bot and Click2Call Bot for Slack.

In our new voice bot, we combined all the best that was in our previous bots.

Now we have implemented a voice bot for you, please welcome - VoiceBot DirectPhone.

VoiceBot works with Google Home's family devices.

VoiceBot for Google Home features:

  • Ease of use. Only two functions are available: calls and checking your balance
  • Security of your data. We work with Google!
  • Fast start

How to connect VoiceBot

To connect VoiceBot you need to go through three simple steps:

Step 1 - Registration in the DirectPhone service


Step 2 - Sync with DirectPhone Google Contacts for your Google account.

Run in Menu - Settings / Google Contacts / Add Google Contacts (you need to connect your Google account)

Step 3 - Connect the VoiceBot DirectPhone to your Google Home device.

Runs through the Google Home app on your phone.

More detailed instructions on how to connect you can read in our official Wiki.


Our VoiceBot is always available for you in the official Google Assistant MarketPlace in the Communication & social section under Make Phone Calls

VoiceBot DirectPhone