International telephone service

The qualitative and inexpensive international communication has especial value for modern people. If this privilege is also extremely necessary for you, the DirectPhone service will give you an opportunity to communicate with subscribers from other cities and countries cheaply and conveniently. It is enough to order any of the offered services on our website and start enjoying complete freedom of communication.

Using communication services of DirectPhone, you automatically reduce the cost of communication, as the prices for calls in almost all directions are 2-3 times lower than in traditional telephony. To start, you need to register in the system. Go to your account to make the necessary data, and go to the Service section. In the form you should specify a new outgoing number from which calls, tariffs and destination number will be made. After a set of simple actions, you can cheaply communicate with subscribers around the world.

You can use telephony services to make cheap calls. The main condition is to have enough funds on the account to pay a monthly lease. If the balance is negative, the service becomes unavailable. To monitor the balance of your account, go to the Profile section of your account. You also can find out all the data about the duration and cost of the calls for a certain period in the system.

The international telephone service from DirectPhone guarantees the quality of communication that is higher than in the public telephone network. Call establishment with the final subscriber is made in a few seconds. Interference and interruption during a call are excluded.

Advantages of DirectPhone service

An international communication service from DirectPhone is an ideal solution for those who:

  • often travels and wants to communicate without limits with friends and relatives abroad;
  • makes sales through the Internet and wants to have better communication with customers from other cities and countries;
  • is interested in cheap tariffs for fixed-line telephone calls.

All these goals are achievable in case of connecting international communication services in the DirectPhone system. The peculiarity of our service is that it combines the possibilities of traditional telephony and technology of calls via the Internet. We represent a completely new kind of telephony, which will give you complete freedom of communication.

Ordering international communication services from DirectPhone, you will be able to:

  • reduce the cost of telephone calls with subscribers from other cities and countries;
  • maintain stable telephone communication with the company's branches, the customers and business partners;
  • communicate for free in roaming with subscribers of mobile networks of all operators.

To make calls inside the country and abroad, the system will offer you to create a virtual number and so even more opportunities for communication with subscribers from different cities and countries.

Tariffs for international communication services

An innovative kind of telephone connection DirectPhone offers calls to international telephones at advantageous tariff plans: for example, a month of communication with subscribers from Canada or the US will cost about $5. To find out the specific cost of calls to the required direction, go to the Tariff section in your personal cabinet on the DirectPhone system and enter the phone code. The system will instantly give you the cost for international calls.

Low international telephone tariffs are just one of many reasons why you should register in DirectPhone. In addition to the provided services, you will get an opportunity to dial in the required direction very quickly, to delete and to change the access numbers and destinations, to solve any problem or difficulty with the help of technical support.

DirectPhone connects people all over the world, choose your international tariff, and you will appreciate the advantages of innovative telephony!

In order to use the international communication service, you need to register on the link below.