International virtual number

International virtual number service from DirectPhone is very popular all over the world. First of all, it is an opportunity for corporations to reduce and optimize the cost of telephone communication and not to limit their business within some area. For example, the virtual phone number of the US reminds the usual one. The only difference is that it allows you to redirect customer calls to the call center or office of the company that located in other cities or even countries.

Benefits of local US number enabling

The US virtual telephone number will allow you not to pay huge roaming bills and at the same time provide a quality stable connection regardless of your location. With the help of DirectPhone service, you can connect this number to computer, mobile, VoIP gateway unit, PBX and other devices that support SIP protocols. Redirection can be configured to any city in any country.

In addition, enabling a US virtual number for free, you will get the following opportunities:

  • your customers will be able to make calls to the usual city phone but answering of incoming calls can be made in any country as there is no geo-referencing;
  • if you go on a business trip or travel to another country, your relatives and friends are able to reach you easily, the calls costs are as for toll-free call;
  • increase of the company’s goodwill and customer loyalty as there is a phone number of their city;
  • there is no risk of missing of important incoming call regardless of location;
  • distribution of calls from a virtual number in the USA to several mobile or land-line phones.

If you are a private entrepreneur, the owner of a small business or a large corporation, you should enable a free virtual number in the USA. This will significantly reduce the cost of telephone communication and ensure confident answering of incoming calls from mobile and land-line phones.   Usually a foreign virtual number is used for the purpose of free or profitable communication with foreign partners. This type of communication significantly reduces the cost of telephone communication. For example, a company registers a virtual number in Canada, code +1, and redirects calls and messages to New York, Chicago or any other city. So, clients will think that the office is located in US, although de-facto it is abroad.

Also virtual numbers on the DirectPhone service can be ordered for significant optimization and reducing the cost of telephone communications. After connection you will notice that customers become more loyal and as a result the company's rating and profit increases.

Free virtual numbers around the world

Having enabled a virtual UK number for free on the DirectPhone service you will be able to confidently maintain contact with your business partners. In addition, this service will provide to resolve the issue of confidentiality of your company's data in a rational way, they will remain undisclosed. The virtual number in UK will ensure the negotiation with customers without specifying the real contacts of the firm. If the company moves and the existing contacts change, the virtual phone number will remain unchanged.

Often international numbers are enabled by companies whose activity is connected with export or information technologies. Numbers with the code of Great Britain and the USA are especially popular. It significantly reduces spending on international calls and messages.

The service of innovative telephone communication DirectPhone allows you to connect virtual numbers in Germany, Israel, UK and other countries. Take advantage of the chance to use a profitable offer - a free virtual US number and to appreciate all the advantages of cheap international phone calls!

In order to get an international virtual number, you need to follow the link below and login.