Local virtual number

The DirectPhone service provides an ability to enable a local virtual number. Its peculiarity is that it is not attached to a specific telephone device or subscriber. You also can do international calls without purchasing of expensive equipment. By enabling for example a virtual US mobile number you can use high-quality inexpensive telephone communication, make calls, receive faxes, send and receive SMS. If you live in the capital of country or your company is situated there – connect a local number with the code of this city. Callers from other towns & cities will make calls like inside their city, believing that you are there.

The service we offer you to connect will give you a lot of advantages, for example:

  • redirection of calls to a certain phone numbers, as well as to devices operating on SIP-telephony technology;
  • receiving of text messages with instant transfer to your mobile and many other privileges;
  • a significant reduction of the cost of long-distance and international calls, due to the fact that the voice signal will pass through IP-networks;
  • high quality of communication regardless of the distance that the signal passes.

This is only a small part of those privileges that you get by getting of free virtual international number. A unique offer from DirectPhone will save you from geo-tagging as you are able to receive calls and messages regardless of location of your company.

Advantages owning of virtual number

A great advantage of DirectPhone service is that it allows you to get a virtual mobile number extremely quickly and cheaply. In general, the privileges of connecting this service are as follows:

  1. Free virtual numbers allow you to receive advertising, commercial or informational calls without specifying of real contacts of your company.
  2. The ability to receive and provide services remotely without significant financial costs. A virtual phone number will help you to minimize your company's expenses for telephony. It also will help you not to miss the client on the stage of dialing to your office.
  3. The virtual number of DirectPhone system significantly optimizes the cost of maintaining of large amount of employees in the company's branches, as they will be in a common number space.

International companies benefit from using of virtual numbers. They provide an opportunity to serve customers without spending huge quantity of money on it. Another advantage is that the service connection is often provided free of charge, so it is possible to save even more budget funds.

A profitable solution for cheap calls.

We offer to connect virtual numbers quickly and free of charge. You just need to place an order for a new service.

Possibilities of virtual numbers:

  • Multichanneling - allows you to combine all available numbers in one number space;
  • hiding of real contacts of the company. You can specify in all advertisements only one virtual number with the code of a certain city with redirection to other countries;
  • preventing of the risk of important contact data lost in case of office moving;
  • ensure of confidence of your company’s location.

Getting of a virtual number from DirectPhone is immediate need if you are going to do business online or run a large company with branches in other cities or countries. This solution will open up for you new opportunities and give you complete freedom of communication with customers.

In order to get an international virtual number, you need to follow the link below and login.