Automatic creation of Route

The DirectPhone allows you to connect the function of Automatic creation of Route. Its use will allow the caller to be redirected to the final subscriber via a local number. Unlike Routes in manual mode, in this case, the system itself sets the necessary parameters and offering the user local numbers.

The service is already used by large companies, as well as many private individuals around the world. It will be useful to automatically route the call in the first place, in order to avoid high costs for calls to different destinations and reduce dialing time. With the connected function, conversations will become extremely cheap, and the quality of communication will surpass all expectations. The cost of connecting the service is the Automatic creation of Route in the DirectPhone does not exceed 1 dollar, and the process of setting the function takes only a couple of minutes.

Call Features

Automatic creation of Route from DirectPhone is configured extremely quickly. To add a new Route, you must do the following:

  1. Select the required outgoing number (ANI) from the drop-down list.
  2. Specify the destination number (the number of the final subscriber).
  3. Select the type of tariff (per-minute or per month) and specify a comment.

After that simple steps, the system automatically selects the most advantageous local number for you.

The service of the Automatic creation of Route will extremely reduce the cost of calls. You can deactivate it or make appropriate corrections at any time by logging into your personal account on the DirectPhone website. The Automatic creation of Route can be used only for outgoing calls and it is charged according to the home tariff The connection is absolutely free for subscribers who receive calls.

Advantages of Automatic creation of Route

Using Automatic creation of Route service that is provided at a price of $1 you will get inexpensive high-quality telephone communication. You can use it to communicate with your business partners and customers of the company. In general, automatic Route creation has the following advantages:

  1. Ease of configuration of the function in the DirectPhone;
  2. Full optimization of telephone communication in terms of voice messaging quality, dialing speed and call costs;
  3. the possibility of fast redial to the final subscriber;
  4. the ability to choose a convenient method of paying for calls. You can pay per-minute or per month that simply writing off of a certain amount from a personal account;
  5. the reasonable cost of the Automatic creation of Route service in the DirectPhone. To experience all these advantages you should register on the service and perform a number of the above-mentioned actions.

Automatic creation of Route from DirectPhone allows you to enjoy complete freedom of communication without large bills for long distance calls. This is the best solution to save money and time on the telephony. That fact is confirmed by numerous reviews of subscribers of the DirectPhone.

Take a chance to optimize and reduce the cost of communication by placing an order for automatic phone routing today! In order to use the service of the Automatic creation of Route, register on the link below.