SIP client Software

SIP client - a computer program that has all the functions of a conventional phone. At the same time, the SIP client for Windows or Android has a number of significant advantages, including a lot of SIP lines, the option of determining the number of the caller, call forwarding, the ability to create audio conferences, the function of recording a telephone conversation and much more. Often a SIP client for Android, Windows or Linux is defined as a special softphone or softphone. Such programs are developed for SIP calls for modern operating systems for PCs and popular platforms for mobile devices.

To start using the program for SIP telephony, you need: high-speed Internet, a headset for the computer, installed the necessary software component. After the software is installed on the smartphone or the PC needs to register a SIP number, at the end of this stage you will be able to call free of charge to other subscribers registered in the DirectPhone. To make a call you need to dial the number of the called subscriber on the PC keyboard or on the smartphone and press the call button.

Advantages of SIP telephony calls

SIP application for calls from a computer or smartphone, used for personal or commercial purposes, will provide a significant reduction in the cost of telephone communications. In addition, the program for SIP telephony for Windows has the following advantages:

  1. user-friendly interface;
  2. the ability to monitor the online status of contacts;
  3. Availability on all mobile platforms;
  4. low tariffs for calls to and from other countries;
  5. Free SIP client for iPhone will allow calling Free of charge subscribers of innovative telephone communication DirectPhone;
  6. the ability to send text messages, make video calls and send faxes;
  7. Using a free SIP client for iOS or Android for corporate purposes, it will be possible to organize a full-fledged internal telephone network and call inside the corporation for free.

Of course, SIP phone program - an excellent solution for those who often travel to other countries, often communicates on long-distance and international communication.

How to choose programs for SIP telephony

To choose the best SIP client for Android, Windows Phone, Linux or Windows 10 for calls to other countries, it is worth downloading and testing several soft phones. We recommend the SIP telephony application Zoiper, this SIP client is distinguished by its simplicity of installation, thoughtful convenient interface, high-quality sound transmission, the ability to receive faxes and create a large number of accounts. It is worth noting that when installing the Zoiper application, the DirectPhone will automatically configure SIP accounts.

The main thing when choosing a SIP program for Windows Phone, Android, Windows or Linux, so it was convenient, functional and worked without failures. It is also important that the application for Android does not require subscription fees and additional payments. Having installed the chosen software product, you can enjoy all the advantages of an innovative type of telephone communication.

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