DirectPhoneBot for Slack

DirectPhoneBot allows you to use the basic services of the DirectPhone system directly from the Slack messenger.

DirectPhoneBot provides the following features:

  • Click-To-Call, allows you to make a call to any number in one click
  • Construction of new Routes in automatic mode
  • Obtaining information on all outgoing rooms and constructed by Rautas
  • Checking the balance and replenishing the account
  • Getting a login and password for accessing your

DirectPhone account The Click-To-Call function allows you to make a call to any number. At the same time, the call is first sent to your phone number specified in the Slack profile, and then to the selected phone number. Make calls to your team members in one click, or specify any number that you would like to call. If you often call the same number, you will not need to enter it again every time, because you can simply select it from the list of the last dialed numbers.

The automatic routing service allows you to obtain an access number through which you can make a call to any number in the World!

The access number is automatically selected in such a way as to be with you in one region and to avoid unnecessary spending on long distance and international calls.

As a bonus when registering DirectPhoneBot, your account immediately receives an amount of $ 3.

Install DirectPhoneBot for Slack