Virtual numbers

We offer you a unique opportunity to reduce expenditure on telephony. All you need is to buy a virtual phone number on our service. One of the few advantages of DirectPhone is calls for free or at the most favorable rates inside the country and abroad. It is cheap and convenient to communicate with your friends, family and loved ones from the USA, Germany, France and other countries of the world. You can use online numbers in business, although it can be used for commercial purposes as it’s profitable. International calls will be for you not a luxury but a common occurrence thanks to DirectPhone service and SIP-phone number.

Take a chance to acquire free online virtual number in DirectPhone service and enjoy unlimited communication with subscribers all over the world!

A free virtual number is not much different from the traditional one but it will provide you a number of significant advantages, among which are:

  • minimum expenses on telephony;
  • the ability to collect statistics of calls through the interface and receive multiple calls simultaneously;
  • The absolute lack of geographic location, so a subscriber can make calls from any place in the world;
  • call diversion, for example, to Skype;
  • high-quality transmission of voice messages;
  • single numbering space for all the branches of your company.

Online number connection will also have a positive impact on the image of your company. If you are the owner of a commercial organization with a lot of offices in different cities and countries, it is absolutely right decision to connect a single free virtual cell phone number. So you can make an unlimited number of calls to different cities in Russia and different countries of the world with minimal costs.

Hurry to buy a virtual VoIP number and experience the benefits of mobility and absolute freedom of communication.

Benefits of purchase of virtual numbers for business

There are a lot of benefits of being the owner of online number for which you don’t need a SIM card.

Virtual numbers allow retaining customers in commercial organizations, as well as enabling private telephone users to communicate freely and reasonably with subscribers even from the most remote countries. If you decide to connect a virtual mobile number with the code of your native city, you can receive and make calls to other countries at very low prices while being in another town. Many companies have already got a virtual mobile number in DirectPhone system and significantly reduced their costs for telephony.

DirectPhone - a service of virtual numbers guarantees:

  • the ability to make international and long-distance calls for reasonable prices;
  • a single telephone network - an ideal solution for companies with a large number of branches;
  • the ability to integrate on-line telephony and existing corporate info system;
  • The absence of risk of losing the client at the stage of dialing.

This is not a complete list of benefits which you can expect in case of creation of a virtual phone number. You can do it for free by logging in DirectPhone system. You will make sure that freedom of communication is priceless, so do not miss the chance to take our offer.

How to become an owner of a free virtual number

To get a virtual number for free it is enough to carry out a few simple steps: log in DirectPhone service, send us an email with an appropriate request, and confirm the order for connection. After that, you will get cheap reliable telephony with all the subscribers of cellular, satellite, wireless and online telephony in your country and foreign countries.

Buying or renting of a virtual landline number in DirectPhone service is not only cheap but also very fast, as the connection process takes no more than some minutes. The virtual phone number enables companies to improve telephony and to reduce its costs, thereby increasing sales. In addition, any organization from every city can organize its own call-center in order to attract customers from different cities and countries.

Use DirectPhone service to create a virtual number for free. Many companies in big cities have already evaluated the advantages of an innovative type of telephony and significantly improved it. This perspective is also available to you!

To buy a virtual number, you need to get the link below and login.