Receive SMS


DirectPhone offers its users a new service - virtual phone numbers for receiving SMS. Simply purchase a Direct number with the ability to receive SMS in our service and go through a simple setup procedure.

receiving of SMS to virtual numbers opens up many opportunities for both personal and corporate use.

What is it used for?

Firstly, the DirectPhone SMS receiving service will provide you with not only constant comfortable incoming communication but also the ability to receive SMS messages to the same phone number, which is equivalent to a full-fledged mobile number (SIM card).

Secondly, situations, when you need to register at an online store or on another site are not uncommon, but the final service simply does not send SMS messages to your phone number. In this case, you will also be helped by the need for a phone number to receive SMS from the DirectPhone.

Thirdly, the purchase of a mobile number for receiving SMS messages in the DirectPhone service will help you to maintain your anonymity and continue to receive SMS messages.

How to connect receive SMS?

To activate the SMS receiving service in the DirectPhone, you need to complete only three simple steps:

  1. Register with the DirectPhone system - this can be done either by E-mail or SMS or using Google and Facebook services.
  2. Activate the SMS Receiving service in the personal account settings - in the settings you need to enable the ability to receive SMS and also choose where the redirection will be performed: to your E-mail or phone.
  3. Purchase Direct number with SMS

That's all! Now you can not only receive incoming calls but also receive incoming SMS messages.

The cost of receiving SMS to virtual numbers

DirectPhone service offers two tariffs for receiving SMS:

  1. With redirection to E-mail
  2. With redirection to a mobile phone number

Tariff with redirection to E-mail

When you receive an SMS to your virtual number, the DirectPhone service will automatically redirect the SMS message to the email address you specified in the settings. This redirect for all virtual Direct numbers starts from $ 0.02.

Tariff with call forwarding to phone

Forwarding to a mobile phone number works on a different principle - when receiving an SMS to your virtual telephone number, the DirectPhone service will redirect the SMS message to your mobile number. This redirection will be more expensive, and its cost will consist of receiving a message and sending it to your mobile number. The cost of such referrals starts at $ 0.10.

More detailed instructions on how to connect SMS receiving services to virtual mobile numbers can be found on our official WIKI DirectPhone.