Call via SIP

DirectPhone service offers a profit making decision in the form of an SIP-telephony to all businesses with branches in different cities and countries, as well as those who often make the international calls. The service includes the implementation of telephone calls over the Internet without spending money on your phone bill. In order to make calls over the Internet and start using SIP telephony, you need to create a free SIP-account by making a number of simple actions after logging in.

SIP telephony service is an opportunity to communicate for free within DirectPhone network and make calls to mobile numbers and fixed telephony numbers at the lowest rates. Rating is per minute. The main advantage that you get in case of service order is a high-quality low-cost communication and a high speed of connection with the finite user. Call from Moscow and other Russian cities to the other countries will be at the rate of a local call.

This innovative IP telephony that uses SIP protocol is the best form of communication, for both private and corporate use. You no longer have to overpay for expensive roaming, just login in the DirectPhone system, create the SIP-account, connect SIP phone and call at low rates to mobiles and landlines anywhere in the world.

Connect to the service

To connect to the service you should do the following:

  1. Get in your personal cabinet in Tools section, where you need to select the type of rating and denote a comment.
  2. After the performance of necessary actions click on the Add button.
  3. When you will be taken to the confirmation page, you should click the Save button. The system will automatically send a letter to the email address that notified in the form. That letter contains the login information of your new SIP-account.
  4. To check the status of the SIP-account, you need to go to Tools, then to the SIP-accounts tab. If registration is successful, you will see an inscription account is created. The account can be easily edited and removed, if necessary.

The SIP-telephony, free connection to which offers our service, has a wider range of possibilities than, for example, Skype. For these and many other reasons, large companies in Moscow and other Russian cities prefer to use SIP-telephony instead Skype.

The connection of special SIP-adapter that preinstalled for work with the service can be ordered in DirectPhone system. To do this, you should get to the appropriate section and follow the instructions. The price for such device is fair, so you can buy an adapter with the optimal parameters spending a minimal amount of money.

Advantages of the SIP-telephony from DirectPhone

SIP-telephony in the Russian telecommunication market is still innovation. Nevertheless, this type of communication is rapidly gaining popularity as it has much more advantages than traditional mobile or landline telephone. These advantages are:

  • VoIP-telephony (Voice over IP phone calls) allows you to get the subscriber for a few seconds;
  • no problems with overloaded lines;
  • SIP-telephony provides individual number;
  • voice over the Internet without distortion and various types of interference;
  • absolutely free calls within the network DirectPhone, and low prices for calls to subscribers of other networks;
  • over DirectPhone cheap SIP-telephony for the office, you can share not only communicate but also transmit videos and images.

Our innovative communication service also offers to connect SIP-telephony on the computer. In that case, you can make calls, send and receive information using your PC. That will make the communication process simple and convenient. To use this function you should install the program and accomplish special settings. You can do that without any difficulties as we will provide detailed instructions how to activate new services. We also will help you to connect SIP-phones quickly and easily.

SIP-telephony with extremely low rates opens up new possibilities in the use of telephony. Ordering the service you can communicate with subscribers from around the world at competitive rates and for free within the network. No more roaming, problems with dialing, large bills for international calls, all these are negative aspects of the past. Login to DirectPhone system, connect a free SIP-telephony and enjoy the full freedom of communication with family and close business partners!

To use the service calls over the SIP you need to get the link below.