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2017-12-28 Happy New Year!


Let this year bring us much happiness and good luck.

May it be filled with pleasant experiences and joyful events.

Wishing you in the New Year to be healthy, beautiful, loved and successful.

Sincerely yours, DirectPhone Team.

2017-12-22 Christmas gift $3 for all DirectPhone users


You can congratulate relatives, friends and colleagues with Christmas and New Year.

DirectPhone gives you a gift of $3. Time activation bonus of up to Dec. 31, 2017.

2017-12-15 Click2call for Facebook Messenger DirectPhone Bot

Click2call allows you to make cheap phone calls directly from Facebook Messenger DirectPhone Bot. Using Click2call, you can call any Destination Number by ordering a callback to your Outgoing Numbers. You will receive an incoming call, after answering which, you will automatically start the call to the Destination Number.

2017-10-25 Access numbers in Russia: Kazan (7843), Ekaterinburg (7343), Sochi (7862), Samara (7846) and Novosibirsk (7383) has been added

Access numbers in an areas:

Kazan - 7.843.254.44.60

Ekaterinburg - 7.343.259.99.38

Sochi - 7.862.263.33.51

Samara - 7.846.308.88.42

Novosibirsk - 7.383.376.66.80 

2017-10-23 Access numbers in Ukraine code 38048 has been added

Access numbers 380.487.357.574, 380.487.357.579, 380.487.357.580, 380.487.357.578 in Ukraine has been added.

2017-10-16 Scenario using Click2call Bot for Slack

We present to your attention the opportunity to make phone calls directly from the corporate instant messenger Slack.

If you respond positively to at least one of these questions, then the proposed service is for you.

  • Does your team use Slack?
  • How do you call each other, also via Slack or just by phone?
  • Would you like to have a good telephone connection, even when there is no high-quality Internet connection?
  • Do you use your personal cell phone when you need to call colleagues in other cities or countries and not only during working hours and from the workplace, but from home or car?
  • If you do not have a workplace at all?
  • Would you like to be paid by your company for your calls to work with YOUR phone and you would not be worth anything?
  • Would you like to be able to two-way communication on a cell phone with colleagues, but that they DO NOT KNOW your cell phone number?

We have a solution - this is Click2call Boat for Slack! ...

2017-09-27 Click2call Bot for Slack has been created

Click2call Bot has designed to carry out corporate phone calls directly from the Slack messenger.

2017-09-22 Implemented the functionality of SIP forwarding

Using SIP forwarding, it is possible to arrange to switch of an incoming call under different conditions, to another phone number.

2017-09-08 Updated version of DirectPhone Release 1.9.8. B (Bots)

 Now Directphone works with the Slack platform. Added the ability to install Bots directly from the Personal account.

2017-08-01 DirectPhone has changed and expanded the interactive support of user's Live Chat with Intercom

Now it is possible to ask questions to our employees both on the main site and in the client's account