2020-10-30 Calls from the browser using WebRTC technology


Dear customers and guests of the DirectPhone service, we are continually developing for all those who spend a lot of time in the browser and have prepared a new service!

Now you can make calls directly from Chrome using SIP accounts using WebRTC technology. Sounds complicated? It's effortless!

You need to install the SIP Phone extension for Chrome and follow the Services - Calls from a browser page in your profile.

We hope you enjoy the new service.

Yours sincerely, DirectPhone Team.

2020-09-25 ZoiPer SIP client for your SIP account

Dear customers and guests of the service, our team would like to remind you exactly how you can call from your SIP accounts registered in the DirectPhone.

We consider the most convenient way to use the ZoiPer application, integrated with the DirectPhone system. To connect your SIP account, you need to scan a unique QR code in your account, and you can call almost instantly!

Several other applications have proven themselves to be right SIP clients. We include such applications: Linphone, 3CX, PortSip softphone.

All applications are available for download on Google Play and Apple Store.

We would also like to congratulate all happy owners of Android phones that have an integrated SIP client (for example, Google Pixel phones). Everything will work for you as well.

Always be in touch!

2020-09-03 How to turn on a Direct Number and receive SMS

Dear customers of the DirectPhone service, we continue the cycle of video instructions about those services that are most popular among you at your numerous requests.

This time in our YouTube video, we will tell you how to connect receiving SMS to your Direct Number.

Happy viewing!

2020-07-22 Changing the terms of the referral program

percent-wallpaper-2560x1024 2Dear clients, due to the increase in fraudulent activities, we are forced to review the referral program's rewards.

Now you will not receive monetary rewards for only inviting new customers to the service.

However, the bonus for paying your friend will bring you not 10%, but 15% of his payment!

Always there for you, DirectPhone team!

2020-07-13 Web Push Notification for missed incoming calls

Dear customers, now you can receive a Web Push notification that you had the missed calls to your Direct Number.

You will see the incoming caller ID and the exact time of the call.

Always yours, DirectPhone team.

2020-06-30 Implemented Web Push Notifications service

DirectPhone continues to improve the service for you!

This time we developed a completely new notification service - Web Push Notifications.

For those of you who activate Web Push Notifications in the first two weeks after the service launch, a pleasant surprise is waiting for you in the form of a Promo code!

Sincerely yours, the DirectPhone team.  

2020-06-29 View statistics of incoming calls

Dear customers, we continue to improve our service at your request!

We have added for you the ability to view detailed statistics on your incoming calls.

Sincerely yours, DirectPhone team.  

2020-06-15 View tariffs on the main page of the site

222333222333The DirectPhone team continues to listen to the wishes of its customers!

Now you can view all current DirectPhone tariffs without prior registration.

All information is available in the Help -> Tariffs section.

Always yours, DirectPhone team.

2020-05-19 View SMS tariffs in your DirectPhone account

The DirectPhone team carefully reads all your calls, and especially for you, we have added the ability to view SMS tariffs of our service in a convenient form!

Always yours, DirectPhone team  

2020-05-12 Decrease in SMS tariffs

DirectPhone is always trying for its customers.

We have reduced tariffs for sending SMS messages to your phone numbers so that your savings will be even greater!

Always with you, DirectPhone team.