2018-12-01 Google Contacts integration has been added

Added the ability to sync Google Contacts with your account. Sending invitations to your friends and viewing contacts for quick calls has become even more convenient!

2018-11-29 Per-minute tariff for calls to Ukraine (code 380) has been changed

 Now the cost of a minute of conversation is - 0.08 USD

2018-11-08 Added quick links to the Wiki DirectPhone

Having difficulty with your personal account? No problem! The DirectPhone team always cares about your convenience. We added quick links to the Wiki DirectPhone, where you will find complete instructions for working with a current personal account page!

2018-10-18 Created new documentation in Wiki Directphone format

DirectPhone cares about our customers, and we are pleased to present you with a new system documentation format in the form of a familiar Wiki.

2018-09-28 Opening of the Referral Program - Free of charge calls

DirectPhone announces the opening of the Referral Program for customers - Free of charge calls. As part of the program, our customers receive rewards almost in all cases when they share information about the DirectPhone services with their friends and acquaintances, as well as in social networks. More detailed information about the Referral Program can be found in the section of the site: Help - Referral program.

2018-09-14 The simplified connection of Google Voice account to DirectPhone

The process of connecting Google Voice account is even easier. Now just enter your Google Voice number and click the Google Connect button.

2018-08-24 Implemented the option of automatic password updating for VoIP devices

Now it's easier and more convenient to use VoIP devices (IP phones, VoIP adapters). When updating the password on your SIP account, it will be automatically updated on the VoIP device. The password for your SIP account in the VoIP client still needs to be updated manually.

2018-08-03 We realized the allocation of unique Caller ID (ANI) for each Route and Direct phone number

A unique caller ID (ANI) is allocated when creating the Route in manual or automatic mode (so far only the Moscow direction). When creating multiple Routes with a single destination number, a single caller ID is established.

2018-07-20 DirectPhone users in Israel, now can significantly reduce their costs for international phone calls

By creating the Route using Access Number 972.4.374.13.74 (Haifa), you can make calls in Israel to a local phone number and the system will redirect them to the destination number, indicated in the Route, located in another country.